What is the solution?

Landlords and Letting agents are being asked to do a lot by the Home Office with little to no training or guidance. What is needed is a comprehensive system, built by software engineers and designed with real-life property professional mind.

That is exactly what we have done

OnBoard Pro are proud to offer the first fully integrated system that complies with all Home Office requirements for Right to Rent checks. In under 5 minutes you will be guided step by step through the verification flow chart, making sure that you ask and record all the correct questions. When the time comes to see and verify a document, we captured it, record the expiry and keep it in our cloud-based system for as long as required.

We take care of everything for you, including secure digital storage of all documents, guidance for reasonable inquiry checks, and produced a single and secure PDF document that proves to the Home Office that you have complied with all their checks.

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The price

Our Right to Rent checks cost just £5.00 per applicant.

The training

Our account management team will be contacting existing customers in early January to offer free training on how to conduct the checks.

The customer

The best part, as part of our ongoing commitment to keep our customers ahead of legislation, Right to Rent checks will be included at no extra cost to the OnBoard Pro application process.